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Friday, August 8, 2008


Micrrosoft Interview Questions

Date 04 Dec07

SQl Server

What is the job?
What is the replication and architecture and configurations?
What are the joins with examples?
How to compare the two tables data?
What is Triggers?
Diff between DBMS And RDBMS?
Why we use redundancy of Data?


Discussion on the previous project?
What is the system testing?
What is the exit criteria?
What is seviorities and priorities?
You Involved in Test Plan?
Tell About Bug Reporting?

Some questions on past experience (Roles)
What is difference between Webserver and Application Server?
Why use XML (in coding how we use XML)

SQL Queries

1. display first 3 highest salaries from emp table
select distinct top 3 salary from uemployee order by salary desc
select distinct e1.salary from uemployee e1 where (3>(select count(*)
from uemployee e2 where e1.salary2. display all departments those not having employees
select d.dname from dept d left outer join uemployee e on d.empid=e.empid
where e.empid is null
3. display all employees whose salaries are more than 6000 in department that department having more than 5 employees
eno ename sal dno
----------- ---------- --------------------- -----------
101 satish 5700.00 10
102 kumar 6700.00 20
103 anupama 6900.00 30
104 sreenija 7300.00 10
105 sunitha 5000.00 10
106 madhavi 5800.00 10
107 rama 6700.00 20
108 anil 7800.00 10
109 umashanker 6700.00 30
110 sreelaxmi 5700.00 20
111 panda 7000.00 10

(11 row(s) affected)
select eno,ename from empgrade where sal>6000 and
sal in (select sal from empgrade where
dno in(select dno from empgrade group by dno having count(dno)>4))

4. display the following output
table1 table2
5 9
6 10
7 12
10 13

select id from tablea where id not in( select id from tableb)
union all
select id from tableb where id not in (select id from tablea)
Empno name prodid ProdName Empno
1 Xx 101 printer 1
2 Yy 102 floopy 1
3 Zz 103 Disk Drive 2
4 Aa 104 CD 1
101 Printer 2

Display all employees who ordered printers
select e.eid from emp1 e inner join prod p on e.eid=p.eid where pname='printer'
Display products ordered by more than 2 employees
select e1.ename,p1.pname from emp1 e1 join prod p1 on e1.eid=p1.eid
where p1.pname in(select pname from prod group by pname having count(*)>1)

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