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Thursday, August 7, 2008

VSTS Mgmt By Surya

1. Walkthrough Existing Manual Test scripts.

2. Automating the performance test scenarios.

A --------à Heavy Load------------------------------à B

In certifications APOC, EMEA, NA, LATIN will be heavy in February to April for each year.

So MCT Renewal is has heavy load.

3. So start design your performance test scenarios and evaluate the load

4. Evaluate the load.

5. Collect test data

6. Execution

7. Analysis

8. Reporting and bottlenecks in performance and areas in testing.

Need to consider for designing

1. maximum load à decided by Business owners (Sign Off)

2. minimum load à decided by Business owners (Sign Off)

3. duration

4. Step by

5. Counters

Bench marking: qualify the work of applicaton in memory allocation, memory accupation, no..of users, network usage, processor usage etc.

DB Level
Business Layer

SQL Counters
.Net Framework.Net Framework

.Net Framework.Net Framework counters

Collection of test data

1. Assumptions based on functonal requirements (in MS be it won’t be)

2. Production dump scrubbed db into SIT. (Assign virtual users for this only)

Vsts2008 (checklist for signoff ‘s is automatically do)

1. Create Web Test (Can have group of webtests or single webtest)

1. Set of identified functionalities which are critical for functionalities will be recorded.

2. Group of Webtests

3. Create Loadtest. (

a. Think time (time between users and users) [for average time u need to subtract think time]

b. how many virtual users

c. step by or advance

d. Duration of time (static duration how much time test to be run)

e. Ramp up time ( users are increasing how to rampup the users for the time)

f. Counters [Add computers à controllers(which collects the data for performance test), Agents (execution of part), ]

g. Execute the test collect the results and analyze

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