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Friday, January 9, 2009

testing learning links


1. WinRunner User Guide:
2. Abridged WinRunner User Guide is available at:

3. A WinRunner Tutorial is available at:

4. WinRunner Tutorial:

5. TSL (Test Script Language) Reference Guide:

6. Another Winrunner site is:

7. WinRunner Sample Code:

8. Winrunner Tips:

9. WinRunner Faqs:

10. Abridged LoadRunner User Guide:

11. Another WinRunner FAQ:

12. ToolKit for WinRunner:

13. WinRunner Tools:
14. LoadRunner Vu Scripting:
1. Online SilkTest Tutorial Series and Coding Standards Document:


1. Rational Solutions for Windows Online Documentation:

2. Getting Started Guide for IBM Rational Robot:

3. Rational testing products documentation are available at:

4. An outstanding site on robot is:

5. SQA Robot Resources:

6. Carl Nagle's Data-Driven Test Automation Site(Data-Driven Testing methodology for SQA Robot):

7. SQA Basic coding conventions:

8. Information on Rational Tools:

Automated testing resources:
This is a good compilation on Automated testing resource links:


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